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UPDATE: Dalton police rescue woman held against her will

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UPDATE: Dennis Watkins, the man charged with holding a woman against her will has been booked in the Whitfield County Jail.  He was released from the hospital Wednesday evening.  He was taken to the hospital after being placed in custody for a medical condition.

Police say a Dalton man held a woman against her will for more than 12 hours in a motel room. He is also accused of assaulting her.

After the woman was reported missing, police found her and her accused kidnapper at the Guest Inn on Chattanooga road in Dalton.

Dalton police say once they were notified the woman was missing, they worked quickly to find her. When they got to the motel officers say they could hear her screaming from inside the room.

"It was just a very scary, dangerous situation," says Bruce Frazier with Dalton police.

Investigators say the search for a missing Whitfield County woman started at the CVS off Cleveland Highway, Monday night, when the woman failed to meet up with family members.

Her car was found in the CVS parking lot. Surveillance video showed the woman getting into the car of 47-year-old Dennis Watkins.

"During the course of the car ride, she didn't want to be there anymore," says Frazier.

Tuesday afternoon, the woman's family called police when they spotted Watkins' car at the Guest Inn in Dalton.

"At that point, our officers took action."

Management at the motel told investigators they saw Watkins and the woman check in the night before to room 148.

"Right as they were getting ready to go into the room they heard the victim call out for help," says Frazier.

"We seen cops come in and the next thing you know, they started busting in the door and stuff, guns drawn," says Jamie Barry, who is staying at the motel.

Jamie Barry, staying on the next floor, says he had no clue a woman was being held in the room.

"I thought I might have heard something the night before. I got the old lady to turn the TV down. I didn't really hear anything after that, so I didn't think much of it," says Barry.

Watkins had the door blocked with a desk but police made their way in.

"The suspect had a knife and some scissors in his hand."

After police threatened to tase him, he dropped the weapons.

"Yeah, they took him out on a stretcher," says Barry.

The woman was safe with police.

"When she was speaking to our investigators right after she was pulled out of the room, she was trembling. This was a person who was very much in fear of her life," says Frazier.

Police are not disclosing how the victim knows Watkins.

Watkins has not yet been booked in jail because he was taken to the hospital for drug and alcohol intoxication. He faces multiple charges, including kidnapping, aggravated assault, and aggravated sodomy.

Police say they are glad they got there when they did, because the victim told them Watkins was threatening to kill her.

Police say the case is still under investigation.
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