It's one of the largest marijuana grow operations uncovered in Marion County history and Channel 3 has learned it was built with items easily purchased online.

Investigators brought down the operation early Wednesday morning and say the duo behind it used the popular website
to set up shop.

Police found 14 marijuana plants growing inside the home on Glover Hill Road. More plants were found harvested inside the garage.

Kimball Police Patrolman Brent Hubbard says Jasper Police Department and Marion County Sheriff's Office also helped in the discovery.

Hubbard says they found three kinds of pot, separated by type. Some of the plants were at least four feet tall.

“Seeing something that large in this small of a town is very odd and it's probably the first grow room in my career inside Kimball city limits,” Hubbard added.

Amanda Reed, 28, and Joshua Smith, 36, are now facing several charges in connection to the growing operation. Two kids were also inside the home at the time.

Police say the pair had just been arrested on other drug charges three days ago.

“They made it aware to me pretty much immediately that they actually had a whole bedroom that was a grow room,” he said.

Hubbard says everything used in the growing operation, even the marijuana seeds, were purchased online.

Channel 3 discovered through a quick search that you can buy indoor growing tools like tents and lighting on
. But most are advertised as indoor gardening tools.

Hubbard calls this operation significant in Marion County history and because the masterminds shopped online for their supplies, receiving them by mail, other agencies may be jumping on board.

Department of Children's Services is following up with both kids that were inside of the home at the time of the bust. Police say the investigation is ongoing and there is potential for a federal investigation as well.

Amanda Reed, 28, and Joshua Smith, 36, have been charged in the Kimball pot bust and growing operation.

Channel 3 has learned that two children were also the in home at the time.

Police have also told Channel 3 that the marijuana and growing supplies were purchased online from

What police are calling a "significant" pot growing operation was discovered inside a home in Kimball overnight. 

Police tell Channel 3 the three bedroom home had three rooms used for growing the pot plants and bags of the product were discovered inside the garage. Police believe the product inside the bag were intended to be sold or used. 

At least fourteen plants were confiscated, other harvested cannabis plants and paraphernalia was discovered.

Police originally went to the home to serve a warrant when the operation was discovered. The couple was taken into custody at the time.

Channel 3 has reached out to Amazon for comment.