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Family rescues baby owl

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(KTTC)  The Luhmann family of Oronoco, Minnestoa just got a bit bigger.  

It's not another dog.  Instead Abe Luhmann is the proud co-parent of a baby great horned owl that fell out of a tree in his backyard.

"I'm kind of geeked out right now. I talked to the raptor center at the U of M.  They gave me some pointers on what to look for, and said it would be a good idea to build a nest, so you go to Google, you find an owl nest, and you get an owl nest," said Luhmann.

Abe isn't the only one hovering over the bird.  The owl's biological parents live in the forest as well, and it appears they aren't too frightened of their new babysitter either.

"They knew I was coming, and they were up there watching.  As soon as I got within 50 yards she made a couple of clicks because the baby was screeching, and then it was instantly quiet, so they told it to be quiet from way over there, and it listened.  It's really neat to hear that because you don't think of them as communicating," said Luhmann.

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