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UPDATE: Russian-speaking paraglider rescued in Sequatchie County

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Courtesy: Sequatchie County Sheriff's Office Courtesy: Sequatchie County Sheriff's Office
SEQUATCHIE COUNTY, TN (WRCB) - A paraglider had to be rescued Tuesday after crashing into a tree.
First responders had to clear a path in a wooded area to get to the tree, where a paraglider was stuck about 80 feet high. It took about eight members from a rope rescue team to get him down safely.

"We rigged a simple rig to lower him down, lowered him to the ground," said Jody Lockhart, Dunlap Volunteer Fire Department, "It took us about 40, 45 minutes."
The Sequatchie County Sheriff's Office, Dunlap Fire Department, Puckett EMS, and Coalmont Fire Department all responded to find the tree off Old Henson Gap road.

The paraglider made it down safely with no injuries, but it was difficult for first responders to find out what exactly happened.
The paraglider only speaks Russian.

Luckily his brother was driving to the landing zone and saw him crash into the trees. He called 9-1-1 and helped first responders by serving as an interpreter.

Channel 3 tracked down the paraglider from Tuesday's rescue at the Tennessee Tree Toppers club on Walden's Ridge.
The language barrier didn't just affect his rescue, but it also might have contributed to the crash.
Ellyas Auyupov says he was having trouble understanding English directions and he turned his paraglider into the trees.

"How to make communication without English is a problem," Auyupov managed to say in broken English.
It's a sport Auyupov has been learning for about 6 months and admits he is not the most experienced.
But the crash didn't scare him -- he says he'll be back in the air next time there's nice weather, and will make sure he misses the trees and makes it to the landing zone.

"He's approximately 50 yards from the landing zone," Lockhart said, "He just fell a little short of making the landing zone."

This has been the third paragliding rescue for first responders so far this year, luckily the first two were similar situations where the victim did not sustain any serious injuries.

The Dunlap Fire Department's rope rescue team climbed the tree and safely lower the victim using a series of ropes. The victim was checked out by Puckett EMS and released. 

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