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Sheriff Hammond's son pleads guilty to domestic assault

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CHATTANOOGA, TN (WRCB) - A Hamilton County sheriff's employee pleaded guilty to domestic assault Tuesday in sessions court after hitting his wife in the head with a beer bottle.

Jimi Hammond, 42, who is Sheriff Jim Hammond's son and works as the department's webmaster, will avoid serving time in jail unless he fails to meet the court's conditions. He received a suspended sentence of 11 months and 29 days for the misdemeanor offense.

He accepted a plea agreement that requires him to serve 48 hours of community service, pay $1,032 in restitution to his wife through a defense attorney and undergo alcohol and drug assessment, said Matt Colvard, a pro tem prosecutor from the 31st Judicial District.

Other conditions include paying a $150 fine and continuing to attend counseling sessions.

Sheriff Hammond said in a phone interview that the couple is still together. He said like any couple they have their struggles.

“They just need to work out their differences and not have these spats,” he said.

Colvard, who was brought in after District Attorney Neal Pinkston recused his office from the case, said Jimi Hammond has no priors. A special judge, Mark Raines, presided in court.

Hammond was arrested in January after his wife said he "jumped her" when she got out of the shower. A mirror was shattered after Hammond pushed her into it during the altercation, she told deputies.

When deputies asked Hammond what happened, he said they were arguing most of the day and for "about five minutes, he had enough." He said that's when he struck his wife in the head with a beer bottle. Hammond said that his wife struck him in the face.

However, deputies saw no visible injuries to Hammond, according to court documents. Hammond's wife required staples on the top of her head after she was struck.

In 2012, Hammond was hired as the sheriff's department full-time webmaster.

He was placed on administrative leave at the time of his arrest. After his first court appearance he went back to work with reduced duties. He will now fully return back to work, said Sheriff Hammond.

An internal affairs investigation is still pending. It's unclear whether Jimi Hammond will face any disciplinary action.
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