The Avondale Recreation Center has been a fixture in the community for decades. The facility's high demand requires more space. Residents who live in the Avondale neighborhood are hoping to make some changes and soon.

"This is where we meet, we utilize this center as our home, this is our home base," said James Moreland, President, Avondale Neighborhood Association.

But there isn't enough room for all the activity here. James Moreland says in its current state, the Avondale Rec Center can't meet the needs of the area it serves.

"This center is small. It has two basic rooms that can be utilized for training," said Moreland .

Monday, residents came out for the second time, hoping to put more of their plan down on paper. Moreland says he wants this to be a collective effort, and he wants young adults involved, unfortunately with young adults missing from the conversation, Moreland says the group can't move forward.

"I guess you could be frustrated but I'm past that point, because I think the need is greater than to allow one situation to frustrate you so you don't keep moving,” said Moreland.

The limited space at the center, sometimes forces the youth to have to move their activities outside. Javarra Kelley says the center is a safe haven for teens.

"I live right here in the woodlands and like I see people get killed every day, so this center is where these kids needs to be," said Javarra Kelley.

Moreland says they don't want to leave anyone out of the discussions about the proposed expansion. They want young adults involved in the conversation, since the center serves the needs of everyone who lives in the Avondale community.

Moreland is planning to call another meeting in about two weeks. He says the group has the support from local leaders. He and others are hoping they can break ground next year once a plan is in place and funding secured.