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Sperm bank sued after donor details emerge 7 years later

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Associated Press

ATLANTA (AP) - A Canadian couple has sued a Georgia-based sperm bank saying the anonymous donor whose sperm they used to conceive a child was misrepresented to them.

Angela Collins and Margaret Elizabeth Hanson filed the lawsuit last month in Fulton County Superior Court in Atlanta.

They say sperm bank employees talked up the donor, saying he was smart, healthy and mature. They say in the lawsuit they later found out the donor is schizophrenic, dropped out of college and had been arrested for burglary.

The president of the sperm bank, Xytex Corp., said in an online statement that the couple's claims "do not reflect the representations provided to Xytex." He also wrote that the company clearly informed the couple that the information was reported by the donor and not verified by Xytex.

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