This week's criminal duo was armed and, as is so often the case, masked; completely covered. We are hoping they have been bragging about the size of their take. That could, in turn, could lead you to a pile of cash of your own in the form of a Crime Stoppers reward.

A grocery store may not seem to be high on a bad guy's list of places to hit, but on January 9th, two struck the Brainerd Road Bi-Lo around 10:30PM. "Nobody was hurt, but nonetheless, it was scary for everybody involved and, up to this date, we've had no leads," said Chattanooga Police Dept. Detective Jason Wood. "Two black males entered the store, covered from head to toe, basically forcing the manager to the ground and having the employees gather around the manager."

At least one was armed with a handgun. They forced a clerk to open the store safe, then ran away with the cash. A witness in the neighborhood saw the duo hop into a white sedan and speed away.

Surveillance photos show the two covered their identities well, but maybe their egos will find them out. "With the amount of money they got, and it was a substantial amount," said Det. Wood, I think somebody would be able to know a considerate lifestyle change, for somebody. New clothes, new vehicles, you know, vacations they don't normally take."

Maybe you recognize their robbery ensemble: black on black. Perhaps the way they hold themselves is familiar. Any of these things that ring a bell with you could put some money in your pocket. "It's the little things like that you may know that we don't that will actually help us out quite a bit in our investigation," Wood said.

With Crime Stoppers, even if you get paid, no one will ask who you are. "We get evidence from a variety of sources and, you know, what may seem insignificant might be the actual key to solving this case for us", Wood added.

There is up to $1,000 reward cash waiting for a good tip in this case. If you know anything, call Crime Stoppers: 698-3333

While a police officer may answer the phone or return your call, he will never ask your identity.