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Police looking for man who showed pornographic video to 10-year-old girl

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CHATTANOOGA, TN (WRCB) - Parents in a Chattanooga neighborhood are sitting uneasy tonight, as police search for a man who showed a pornographic video, to a 10-year-old girl as she played in a neighbor's yard.

It happened on Sunday night near intersection of South Hawthorne and Wilder Street.

"A sex video. He asked her if she had ever seen a sex video," said Catherine Boaz. "Folks out there, that's sickening. That's just crazy. Children ought to be able to come out in their own yard, in their own street and play if they want to."

Catherine Boaz says she's never had to worry about her children playing on her street, but from now on, they will be under close watch.

"From now on I think my kids are gonna have to stay on the front porch. I mean I just feel that that's the safest place," said Boaz.

Especially while the suspect is still out there. Police are asking you to be on the lookout.

"It takes a village to keep all of our children safe. It's very important we find the perpetrator," said Police Chief Fred Fletcher.

"He needs to pay. He need to go to jail for what he did. He needs to be put somewhere where he can't do this to another child," said Mayo.

Police describe the suspect as a white male with slightly unshaven reddish-brown hair. They say he's approximately 32 years old and is driving a shiny new dark blue smaller car with four doors. If you have any information on this suspect you're asked to call police.

The CPD encourages parents to speak with their children about the following safety tips: 

1.       Be aware of your surroundings.
2.       Never approach an unknown vehicle. 
3.       If faced with anyone who makes the child feel unsafe, the child should run in the opposite direction of the perpetrator's car and call out for help.
4.       Call Police immediately. 
5.       IMMEDIATELY CALL 911 if something happens to you or someone else, or you notice anyone out of the ordinary. It is important to report incidents immediately.

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