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UPDATE: Crash on South Terrace takes out power

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There is no word on a cause of a Tuesday afternoon crash at Belvoir and South Terrace, but wet streets certainly may have played a factor. "There's a lot of accidents on this intersection because so many people are going too fast," said Janie Lockhart. She lives on the corner and witnessed the whole thing. "Well, it was horrific," she added. "The sound was horrific."

Two vehicles were involved. Officers on the scene say the driver of a red car ran the stop light and hit a blue Ford van. The resulting crash snapped a utility pole in half. "The power pole shattered," explained Lockhart. "There were sparks and fire and all the lines were pulled down."

"The traffic light's been damaged, as well," said Chattanooga Police Corporal Grover Wilson. "So, I've got a traffic engineer coming out to set up 4-way stop signs until they can repair the light." The light looked as if it would certainly need to be replaced, along with the utility pole.

One person was taken to the hospital. "Mainly because the airbag, looks like, got her. And she should be fine," Cpl. Wilson said. "She was coherent when she left."

Mother Nature may have played a role in several crashes on this rainy Tuesday. "I've worked two, myself," said Wilson. But, overall, I think that our team has worked probably about six today." That's a number that is not unusual for the conditions, the area, nor the intersection, he added.

And crashes are not uncommon for the neighborhood, no matter the weather. "I've had one knock down a mailbox, sliding down the hill," said Lockhart, pointing towards her property. "And I had one go completely across my yard and onto the other street."

Does Lockhart worry about her location? "it's pretty scary," she responded. "People really need to be careful, here. This is a really bad intersection."

Crews worked a crash Tuesday afternoon where a van ended up against a utility pole. It happened on South Terrace around 2:00 pm.  

Chattanooga Police say a car ran a red light, rear-ended a van and caused it to spin and crash into the pole, knocking it down.  
The traffic light was also damaged and a 4-way stop is being set up to direct flow.  
No one was severely hurt.
Police say by that time they had worked 6-crashes in the area Tuesday.  
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