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Sen. Gardenhire won't vote on state Bible bill

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TN Sen. Todd Gardenhire. AP photo TN Sen. Todd Gardenhire. AP photo

Tennessee State Senator Todd Gardenhire (R-Chattanooga) said today in a news release that he will abstain from voting on legislation making the Bible a state book.

The bill needs 17 votes to be approved by the 33 member Tennessee Senate.

“There is no book that is more important to me or that has affected my life more than the Bible,” said Gardenhire. “However, we do not need a state law to sanctify it. That has already been done from a much higher power than the State Senate. At the same time, voting against this resolution would send the wrong message to those who stand against our Judeo-Christian heritage in Tennessee. I will be abstaining for these reasons.”

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The proposed bill, Senate Bill 1108 was set for consideration in the House of Representatives today, but the House could not finish their debate.

A legal opinion issued by state Attorney General Herbert Slatery that said the bill would violate separation of church and state provisions in both the state and federal constitutions

The House vote is expected to move to Wednesday, and the Senate vote may be postponed accordingly.

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