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Facelift coming to Chattanooga skate park

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CHATTANOOGA, TN (WRCB) - A popular park in Chattanooga is soon to get a facelift.

It's needed after being the target of vandals and years of normal wear and tear.

The Chattown Skate Park was built about 15 years ago to give skateboarders, bikers and in-line skaters a place to practice their skills. They aren't allowed on city streets or sidewalks.

But over the last few months, this popular hangout has become the target of vandals.

“In one way it's expressive but in another it looks trashy,” Hunter Hancock said.

Chattanooga's skate park is where you can express yourself. But those who use the park frequently say some are flaunting their craft by vandalizing the park.

Hancock says he's seen the vandalism happen in broad daylight.

“He tagged like seven different things in like five minutes and it's like, you can just tag it once and it's fine,” he said.

The City of Chattanooga is responsible for the park's upkeep. It's already working to address the graffiti problem by placing the park on the list of upcoming projects to be tackled by Mayor Berke's graffiti removal project.

“I think it's more of an eyesore than anything. It takes away from coming out here and hanging with your friends. It's like, what is that? What does it stand for? What does it mean?” Nori Moss, Communications Coordinator for Youth and Family Development said.

But it's not just a cosmetic issue. The park is showing wear and tear from bikes, skateboards and skates.

City officials say for the safety of those who use the park, roughly $30,000 have been set aside in the upcoming budget to pay for repairs.

“We're looking at contracting a company to come out and do a bit of the maintenance that needs to be done and so that bidding process is underway,” Moss added.

Hancock is happy to hear about the repairs and believes the facelift will help make the park and its patrons better as a whole.

“It doesn't make us look good at all, it makes us look like degenerates and stuff probably a little trashy,” he said.

City leaders tell Channel 3 they can begin repairs once that bidding process is over. They also need the weather to cooperate so the wood used to build the ramps can be bent.

The city has also requested more police patrols in that area to cut down on the vandalism.
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