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Community members take to the streets in East Lake to stand against violence

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On the heels of a deadly weekend in Chattanooga, dozens filled the streets of the East Lake community.

It's all in hope their presence will help them take back their neighborhoods.

"Crime is not just a problem for police- it's a problem for all of us," said Mayor Andy Berke. "Tonight is about showing people that we're taking back the streets and that the community is for those who obey the law and not those who commit the crime."

"I think it's a great thing they're doing that. They stepped up and stepped out," said Michelle Taylor.

Dozens took to the streets, to walk against violence in the East Lake Community; from residents to city leaders and folks of all ages.

"It's great to see young people out here. It speaks a lot about their character and about how they feel about stuff that's going on," said Taylor.

"We know they're just as concerned about crime as anybody- so to see them out here, hearing the message and wanting to be in control of their community- that's inspiring," said Berke.

Mayor Berke says the communities are slowly changing from these walks, as they continue to gain support from community members who don't want to live in violent neighborhoods.

"We're getting tips that are heading us to people who are committing crimes," said Berke. "I think it makes the community feel like their neighborhoods matter. I also think it's one more way to reach out a hand and if you reach back we can do more together."

And they want everyone to know, "East Lake, it's a great place to be," said Taylor.

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