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Tennessee has 2nd lowest gas average in U.S.

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The AAA says that gas prices continue to fluctuate, with refineries beginning to move from their spring maintenance season and prep for the summer driving season.

An expected drop in gas prices could make your summer road trip the cheapest since 2009.

The national average for a gallon of regular unleaded gasoline is $2.39, down just a fraction of a cent from last week.

But this year, motorists continue to benefit from year-over-year savings, paying $1.24 per gallon less than last year.

AAA estimates that drivers are saving more than $425 million per day on gasoline compared to a year ago, which averages to a savings of more than $100 per household, per month.

Georgia motorists are paying $2.25 a gallon, up 5 cents from last week, but $1.33 cheaper than last year. In Tennessee, the average is $2.14, 1 cent less than last week and $1.33 less than a year ago.

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  Sunday Saturday Week Ago Month Ago Year Ago
National $2.390 $2.393 $2.391 $2.445 $3.632
Tennessee $2.136 $2.136 $2.129 $2.213 $3.472
Georgia $2.249 $2.249 $2.196 $2.290 $3.578
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