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Gold Star Wives get monument in Chattanooga National Cemetery

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The Gold Star Wives of America held a special service on Saturday, unveiling a monument at the Chattanooga National Cemetery that would let everyone know of their service and sacrifice to this country.

"Our wives are one half of the equation in the military, a soldier cannot function without his wife supporting him at home," said Jim Wade.

These women served our country with courage and strength.

"I think we're the silent ones who served and I think we're the forgotten ones," said Barbara Glaze, Gold Star Wife.

They may not have had a gun in hand, but their heart did all the fighting for them, to make sure they held themselves together when it felt like life was falling apart.

"A lot of us have had a lot of difficulties. We were able to work and take care of our husbands at home and rear our children," said Glaze.

The Gold Star Wives each lost their husbands. Barbara glaze is one of them, dealing with the loss of her husband Airman First Class Steven Glaze every day.

He will always be a mark on her heart, and on Saturday, the Gold Star Wives became a mark in history.

"It's sort of a sad day for us because we've lost our soul mates, but yet we're really proud of them and our services to our country," said Glaze.

She knows he'd be proud of her too, knowing her service didn't go unnoticed.

"I think he would be proud of me," said Glaze. "I think he would be happy that I'm trying to move on and help other widows and move us forward."

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