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UPDATE: Cabbie comes face-to-face with alleged attacker in court

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CHATTANOOGA, TN (WRCB) - UPDATE: The man charged with holding a gun to the head of a local cab driver was in court again Tuesday.
Gregory Scott is charged with aggravated robbery.  It happened on North Hickory Street on Easter Sunday.

The cab driver told police Scott put the pistol in his mouth, held a knife to this throat, and stole about 300-dollars.
Tuesday in court, the victim, Russell Porch, only referred to the suspect as a coward and says he had no concept of how many minutes had  passed.

Russell Porch, alleged victim, "To be honest with you, when you have a gun in your mouth and a razor or a knife to your throat, it feels like it goes forever."

Scott has a long record with police dating back to 1998.

Russell Porch says he is tired and angry...and he nearly let his emotions get the best of him in court, Friday. When you hear the details of the crime committed against him and consider the daily risks of his chosen profession, you cannot hardly blame him. "Being a cab driver is a very dangerous job," he explained. "We get robbed for nothing. Hurt for nothing. Jumped on for nothing."

A driver for Mercury Cab, he was victim of a frightening hold-up early Easter Sunday morning. Porch was called to a pick-up on North Hickory Street when, he says, Gregory Scott came out of the darkness. "I didn't see the gun `til he got up on me and then he stuck it in my mouth and put that razor to my throat," Porch remembered. "I, you know, I'm upset and I'm angry. I'm real angry and I'll tell you one thing for sure, it ain't gonna never happen again."

That anger spilled over into court, Friday morning. A stare down and maybe a few words mouthed Scott's way by Porch lead to immediate intervention by the court bailiff and and the judge.

Both men apologized and proceedings continued. Porch says he hopes Scott gets the maximum sentence. "I got kids, I got family, I got grand kids and for him to do that to me for no reason," he said, "I'm upset and I'm angry. And we're tired of this happening to us."

Gregory Scott's record is long and checkered showing a couple of dozen run-ins with the law dating back to 1998. This case was passed. The two will meet in Court again on Tuesday.

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