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City condemns home after Easter Sunday police raid

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Days after police raided a home to find stolen drugs and guns, the home's owner who was arrested for theft of property is her story.

Latoya Watkins and her son Antonio were both arrested Sunday after police received a noise complaint at their home.  Now that home is condemned and they have no place to stay.

"Condemning homes... how does that help police and the community get a relationship?" Watkins asked. "Thanks to the VRI program my house is condemned and we are homeless."

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Watkins blamed the Violence Reduction Initiative on her home being condemned. Her son Antonio has never been invited to a VRI call-in, she said. The police department would not confirm that but they do say he is a "validated gang member and high ranking member of the gangster disciples."

Watkins said she didn't know about the stolen guns and missing police badge found in the home and she wouldn't comment about the drugs found in a car parked in front of her Curtis Street house.

"The only thing that I am guilty of is being Antonio Watkins' mother," said Watkins.

The police department does not decide whether to condemn a home but a spokesperson for the City of Chattanooga said the home was condemned for a "multitude of things." Channel 3 has submitted an open records request for an exact list of violations.

Records show police have been to the Watkins' home 36 different times over the past two years and have executed three search warrants.

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