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Families of Lookout Valley triple homicide victims eulogize their loved ones

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"The kindest soul you'd ever meet in your entire life," says Jacob Lang, as he eulogizes his late father Jake, the eldest of the three murder victims gunned down in a Lookout Valley RV Park.

Lang and other surviving family members of the three victims, gather at the scene of the crime.  One year to the day their lives were collectively shattered.

"You lose something, you never know what you have until you've lost it and I know their family is going through the same thing," said Sharon Pfister, Jake Lang's sister.

Pfister says this memorial is a necessary reminder.
"I think it helps, I also think it hurts too, it kind of opens it all up."

Pfister is concerned about her nephew Jacob, Jake's grieving son, who says the past year has been emotionally exhausting.

"The only real way I can compare it is, it's like being in a war zone, and you had to have your whole life relocated somewhere else, and everything starts completely different, it looks like something like your old life but it's never the same, it never will be the same," says Lang, trying to keep his emotions in check during the interview.

Before we left, Jacob wanted us to help deliver his message, to each and every parent who may be listening.   

"Teach your children the value of life, teach them it is most important, it's the greatest thing in the world and once it's taken away, it can never be given back, it can never be equated to, my daughter will never ever have her grandfather ever again and no one can change that, please teach your children the value of life."

A value Sharon Pfister believes her brother's killers may never understand.

"There's something going on in their brain that is not going to be fixed, they need to stay where there at. I'll pay for them, my tax dollars to stay there, definitely."

Derek Morse, Skyler Allen and 16-year-old Jacob Allison are set to appear in court on the murder charges they face April 23rd.

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