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Giving the gift of life

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 Jerri Gunn, Rocky's Mom says "He used my son Rocky and I know that's why he placed Kinah in my life."

A tragic twist of fate brought these two women together.

Jerri Gunn says "I know that he specifically placed Kinah in my life, how can I make this without her? How can I go on, how can you be happy and smile ?  

Jerri's son Rocky was just about to turn 21. He was a new dad and had his whole life in front of him.  But last summer tragedy struck. He died  following a fatal accident as he was leaving work at Lake Winnie.  

Jerri Gunn says "Turned left out of the parking lot and went around the curve and his right front wheel went off into the culvert and the car flipped and he flew out a window and hit a church sign with his head."

Jerri says she wasn't given any hope for a positive outcome.  Doctors told her he had a 1 percent chance of surviving and it was at that time she made the decision to honor his wishes to be an organ donor, saving other lives, and sharing his journey.  

Kinah was one of those whose is  alive today because of Rocky.  She was diagnosed 5 years ago with kidney disease and was on the waiting list.  She had just about given up hope.

Kinah Sanders says "When I got the call I started crying, I knew it was of God."

Happy and thankful, but sad at the same time.

Kinah Sanders says "It was very mixed emotions because he was actually younger than my two children and I felt sorry for the family, just very sorry."

Jerri says through Rocky's organ donations, at least 3 lives have been saved.

Jerri Gunn says "So the process together has given us the opportunity to know organ donation is so much bigger and so much better than anything could possibly be ever."

Since getting Rocky's kidney these two women have become more than friends, they now share an unbreakable bond.

Jerri Gunn says "She's my rock, because my rock is in her."


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