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Donation made to help couple feed children at Avondale bus stop

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For a Chattanooga couple the last two years feeding the local children at their bus stop has been a labor of love. 

Dorothy Rolle,"That's who we are, we're the love express, hahaha."

We first introduced you to Chris and Dorothy Rolle in January of 2013 when they started feeding nearly a hundred kids at their Avondale bus stop. They've been out every morning ever since, for the young students who rely on them.

Geneva Cook, "Some of these children are on their doorstep at 4:00 am wanting food, because they got nothing the night before."

Geneva Cook and her husband are Channel-3 viewers who say they were called by their faith to help the Rolle's mission.

"Children need to be fed, they need food, but they not only get food, they get spiritual feedings."

Over the last 2 years, donations have come in from all over, even the mayor has paid the Rolle's and the children a visit. But with the need being so great it can be hard to keep up.

Geneva Cook, "These children are going to school hungry if not for this couple."

So Wednesday afternoon, the Cooks brought over a haul of all the essentials. 

"They brought pudding, oatmeal, cheese, crackers,eggs oatmeal with fruit!"

Geneva Cook, "A few dozen eggs, things that we take so for granted, peanut butter crackers, yogurt, the sting cheese, individually wrapped."

The snacks may feed kids' hungry bellies, but the gift touches the Rolle's grateful hearts.

Dorothy Rolle, "It was wonderful, wonderful! That's all we can think to say! Just such a blessing. The whole city of Chattanooga, thank you, thank you, thank you."

The Cook's say the Rolle's are in need of a refrigerator, they are having to buy a gallon of milk every other day, without it. If you're interested in helping their ministry, call 423-771-5181.

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