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Dalton man finds Purple Heart in box from online sale

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A Dalton man was more than surprised when he found a Purple Heart award in a box of items he ordered off the internet. He immediately began thinking.

"The first thing I wanted to do was try to find out who this person was, were they killed in action? Were they wounded in action? Did they do a heroic act to get this Purple Heart?" said Josh Kernea.

After about a month of research he found out the medal recipient.

"Well from what I discovered the gentleman actually lived through World War II. He was actually wounded in action," said Kernea.

Edwin T. Deming was the recipient of this military decoration.

Kernea says he needed to get this right back to the owner. So he went straight to Facebook posting pictures of the medal with Demings name.

His Facebook post had more than 7,000 shares. 

'It's amazing how fast it went through social media to me," said Kernea. 

Within 12 hours Kernea found the Demings family in St. Louis Missouri.

"The first thing they wanted to do was know  if they could buy it back from me, and I basically told them I didn't want any money for it, I just wanted to get it back to where it belonged. He did a great service for this country," said Kernea.

Kernea will put the Purple Heart in the mail Monday and ship it to Edwin's family. Josh was glad to learn more about the man who served our country. 

"I just wanted to learn the story of the man behind it, I just wanted to find out what Edwin T. Deming was about," said Kernea.

Kernea says the online order came from Florida. He says Deming's family is trying to figure out how the medal got out of the family's possession.

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