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Chattanooga cab driver robbed at gun point

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A Chattanooga man is facing charges after police say he put a pistol in a cab driver's mouth and demanded cash.

Chattanooga Police were called to 1009 North Hickory Street at 12:42 Sunday morning. As officers rolled up they saw 34-year-old Gregory Scott standing in the open driver side door of a Mercury Cab. As police approached, Scott raised his hands saying, "Nothing is going on here."

The driver of the cab yelled to police Scott had a gun and officers drew their weapons. Scott was placed in handcuffs and officers found a pistol lying on the ground where Scott was standing.

The cab driver told police he was called to the address to give his niece a ride but when he arrived Scott got into his van. The driver told officers Scott put a pistol in his mouth and held a knife to his throat, demanding money. The driver handed over $227 and shortly after police arrived.

Scott is charged with aggravated robbery and possessing a weapon with the intent to go armed. He is being held on a $100,000 bond at the Hamilton County Jail. 

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