A Tennessee doctor has been sentenced to serve 28 months in prison for Medicare fraud.

Dr. Raymond Sean Brown, 44, of McDonald, TN was sentenced Thursday Judge Curtis L. Collier charging him with the use of mis-branded drugs with the intent to defraud.

Brown forfeited $6.765 million from his bank accounts in 2012 and was ordered to pay an additional $717,000.

After his release from prison, he will serve one year of supervised release, according to the U. S. Attorney's office.

From May 2008 until December 2012, Brown is accused of fraudulently billing Medicare for Botox injections he did not give.

During that period, he received $7,482,968 in reimbursement from Medicare for the Botox injections.

According to the plea agreement, Brown did not purchase any FDA approved Botox and only 254 vials of non-FDA approved Botox

He billed Medicare for 17,766 vials.

“For medical care, patients rely on the honesty and integrity of their doctor. This defendant not only did not inject the drugs needed by the patients, but also fraudulently billed the Medicare system, which is funded by the taxpayers. This sentence and the additional financial penalties will deter other medical providers from actions such as were exhibited in this case,” said U.S. Attorney Bill Killian.