A week ago, in the pre-dawn hours, police say a man and an accomplice in a pick-up raided Pak-Rat Self Storage off Lee Highway, "Yeah, he was pretty bold," said Chattanooga Police Officer Tim McFarland. "Either he didn't care or he just wasn't paying attention."

He didn't care or wasn't paying attention to know that there are cameras everywhere. The business and investigators got his picture from the first moment of his crime: as he pulled up to the key pad.

How did the bad guy go about it? "Probably a trolling mission, I would say," explained McFarland. "You know, break into one, if it doesn't look good, you close it and go on to the next one."

"Broke into several units there at the storage facility," the officer continued. "Ended up staling a trailer." Other items were taken, as well and there may be more missing. If people who rent the storage units have not checked lately, they may know they were hit.

We are fortunate, though, to have clear photos of the bad guy and of the unconventional tool he used to ply his trade. He was driving a vehicle that will not blend in. It is a somewhat customized red Dodge pick-up. "Looks to be a black stripe painted down the hood," McFarland described. "And then, the passenger's side door actually was like a maroon color. So, it's kind of an odd truck or something that will stand out."

A cash payout is on the line if you can help us track this guy down and he will never know you helped. "Somebody will be watching," said McFarland, "and somebody will say, 'yeah, I know him.'"

if you know this guy or his truck, reaching for the phone and call Crime Stoppers: 698-3333

Up to $1,000 reward cash is up for grabs and though an officer may answer, he will never ask who you are.