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Young boys alert neighbor to fire, deemed 'heroes'

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CHATTANOOGA, TN (WRCB) - Some young boys are being hailed heroes for taking action when their neighbor's car and home caught fire. Chattanooga Fire crews rushed to the Whispering Pines trailer park off Airport Road around 8:15 Tuesday night. The young men made sure their neighbor got out safely.

Aaron Garcia, Hector Guzman, and Brian Bernape look at what is left of their neighbor's car, a burned out shell.

The three were playing soccer outside at the Whispering Pines trailer park when they saw smoke coming from the van.

"At first it was just a little line and then a few minutes later it started to get more fire," says 8-year-old Guzman.

"We started to get back and we were like screaming, telling everyone to 'come out! come out,'" says 10-year-old Garcia.

"So I told him to go knock on the man's door," says 10-year-old Bernape.

Aaron pounded on the door of the trailer, as the fire spread.

"I thought it was going to explode, like, any second right in front of us and we weren't going to run in enough time," he says.

"I was getting so scared because I thought any minute it can get close to my house," says Guzman.

Eight-year-old Hector ran for help.

"I ran to tell my dad. And my dad told my sister. And then my sister called the police," he says.

 "He said my car was on fire," says Jorge Ruiz.

After Jorge Ruiz's roommate made it out safely, he called him with the bad news.

"It's very hard to me. It's very hard to me," he says.

Ruiz is thankful his roommate made it out safely but his van, with all of his tools used for his job, are gone.

"Everything is burned," says Ruiz.

He has no clue how the fire may have started.

"It doesn't make sense to me, you know?"

But he does know his young neighbors are heroes.

"I'm very glad and happy that he came and knocked on the door because my friend, sometimes going to sleep and he  don't see and maybe the fire is more bad and something happened more," says Ruiz.

When asked if they are all heroes, they answer with giggles, "Yeah."

Ruiz  does have insurance on the van.

An investigator came back out to take another look at the van. The cause is still under investigation.
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