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CPD cuffs the wrong woman searching for carjacking suspect

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CHATTANOOGA, TN (WRCB) - During Monday's pursuit for the two car chase suspects, police detained a female suspect, only to find out they had the wrong person.    

Chattanooga police arrived to South Lyerly Street looking for a female suspect, and witnesses pointed to Lakisha Walls.

"So I'm getting out of the cab, they're pulling guns out on me," Walls said, "And the cab driver got out and was like what's going on? I just picked her up from the doctor."

Lakisha Walls was at the wrong place at the wrong time.
She was returning home Monday afternoon from a doctors appointment around the same time Chattanooga police officers were searching for two suspects involved in a high speed chase.

When officers first arrive on scene they have only a limited amount of information, it all depends on a case by case basis.
"They told me to turn around, put my hands behind my back," Walls said, "And the cab driver was just telling me don't give them no problems just do what they say."

We now know officers were looking for 19-year old Desiree Hester, who later carjacked and injured an elderly woman on that same street.

At the time officers had limited information, and Walls says neighbors pointed at her when police were searching the area.

"All they knew was they were looking for a black female," Walls said, "You know and she was big and light skinned. I fit the description."

Evidence of her doctor's appointment helped clear Walls and she was released.

In a statement, a spokesperson for the Chattanooga Police Department said, "The suspect of the carjacking had assaulted, robbed and injured a community member and officers detained an individual that had been identified by name by witnesses as the suspect. Further investigation cleared the detainee of any wrong doing."

"No apologies. At all," Walls said, "They didn't apologize they just explained why they did it, because someone told them that i was the one who did it."

According to department arrest procedures, if an officer has reasonable suspicion the officer can briefly detain a person for questioning without arresting them.
In this case, Walls was cuffed but she was never placed under arrest.

Walls said she is looking into getting each officer's badge number and filing a complaint.
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