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Car Crashes into " Hungry Restaurant " Narrowly Misses Customers Inside

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CHATTANOOGA, TN (WRCB) - Some intense moments inside of a Chattanooga business after a car crashed through a local restaurant's window narrowly missing people inside.

Workers at the Hungry House on Highway 58 tell us a woman drove her car into the restaurant Sunday morning. A family with small children saw the car coming, they had just seconds to move out of the way.

Breakfast time inside of the Hungry House restaurant can be a little hectic.

People have places to go, things to do, eggs to eat and they're usually in a hurry. Line cook Greg Woody says Sunday morning was no different.

"The rush was just starting," said Woody.

Two waitresses where on their way to the back corner of the restaurant. One of them about to take an order from a family sitting beside the window.

"I heard a really loud boom. I looked down there and I saw a car in the building," said Woody.

Woody says it's a miracle no one was killed. The car pushed tables and chairs back with force. The family sitting in front of the window had only seconds to jump out of the way.

"I ran outside through the hole and there I saw a boy leaned up against the table that scared the life out of me ," said Woody.

The boy was okay, Woody says everyone walked away with only minor injuries.

"Two children were hurt just a little bit, and the grandma had some scratches on her back, they're going to be sore today," said Woody.

Workers there believe the elderly driver may have accidentally hit the gas instead of the break. Police say the crash is still under investigation.
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