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Dalton State Assistant Coach a champion on and off the court

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John Redman, Dalton State assistant basketball coach, "When you hear a doctor say you're a miracle, you probably are a miracle, they don't use that world very easily or lightly."

It's been nearly a year since Dalton State assistant basketball coach John Redman's life took an unpredictable turn for the worse.

John Redman, "You know I would have never guessed 11 months ago I was going to win a national championship."

He and his fiancé Brittany Huber were on their way home to South Alabama to get married, when they crashed their car in Atlanta, killing Brittany and leaving John's life literally hanging in balance.

John Redman, "When I was in the hospital, they told me I'd probably be in a nursing home the rest of my life, you know, assisted living, you know I probably wouldn't walk normal,,talk normal. Reporter, "So the prognosis was that grave? "

Redman answers, "I was level 2 on the Ranchero Scale and I don't know too much about that but I know 1 you're dead, 2 is the second worst and people have died on level 4."

Instead, after weeks of a medically induced coma, 3 ribs removed and 8 new false teeth, Redman came back to Dalton State where his work almost became therapy

John Redman, "They saved me, they helped me so much, I mean without them I would probably be hanging on the couch back in Mobile, Alabama."

Instead, his team was in Kansas City, winning the NAIA National Basketball Championship.

But for Redman, an emotional widow of sorts with Brittany's absence, says his late love will always be with him, "Now I realize more and more each day what I learned from her and what I learned from that whole situation so yea, good things can happen from bad things."

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