Dining out this weekend?

The inspectors at the Hamilton County Health Department had an excellent week with the 22 restaurants inspected. No failing grades to pass along to you. As a matter of fact, the grades were extremely high. Hats off to all the restaurant employees for their hard work.

If you see a clean place and the employees are working hard to make your visit a first class experience, please - let them know. We do of course give you the low score of the week and for this restaurant we head up to Signal Mountain where an 87 can be found at Ayalas's Mexican Restaurant. Remember, a failing grade is any score lower than a 70.

Inspectors found no hot water in the kitchen hand sink, raw shrimp and chicken that were being stored with ready-to-eat food and the microwave needs a good cleaning. They score an 87.

We have a tie for the high score of the week. Staying on Signal Mountain, you will find 517 subs. They served up a very impressive 99. Off the mountain we travel to Lupi's in East Brainerd and the same score of 99 will be posted on their wall. Congratulations!

If you have a compliant about a restaurant, hotel or motel even a place where you work out, call the Hamilton County Health Department Complaint Line at 423-209-8110. Your call will be answered Monday through Friday during work hours.

Enjoy your weekend!