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Residents ask for tweaks to East Brainerd intersection

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CHATTANOOGA, TN (WRCB) - The stores and restaurants make Gunbarrel Road one of the busiest in Hamilton County. But all the extra traffic comes with added risks for drivers.

One of the latest issues happened Tuesday after a serious crash left one person in critical condition right in front of an assisted living facility.

Councilman Larry Grohn represents District 4. He believes a few changes could help make this intersection at Gunbarrel and East Brainerd Road safer.

“I think they need to tweak the engineering, especially in an area that has so many traffic issues,” he said.

Grohn says one issue is not having two turn lanes from Gunbarrel to East Brainerd Road going toward the interstate. Another issue, one side of the intersection has two turn lanes and the other only has one.

“There are times we have accidents at that intersection when people realize, ‘Gee, if I turn here, I'm going to run right into this other car,'” he added.

Residents brought up these issues to city Transportation Director Blythe Bailey during a community meeting Monday. They've asked him to look into some small changes, like purchasing the right of way to make this a two lane turn.

“I think the last thing we want is to put any of Chattanooga's residents or visitors in danger,” he said.

And make this area as safe as possible.

Channel 3 requested the number of crashes at this intersection from the last year from Chattanooga Police, they were not able to get those figures by news time.

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