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Hamilton County Sheriff says phone scams have tripled in last 6 months

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Phone scams are nothing new, but they're becoming more and more popular in our area and people are still falling for them.

The Sheriff's Department says con artists are using every trick in the book to scare people out of their money.

It's the same tactic, but a different line every time.

"You failed to show up for jury. You've won several hundred thousand dollars. You're loved one is in jail, they need money to get out," said Sheriff Jim Hammond.

These types of phone-scams have tripled in the last six months according to Sheriff Hammond, he says they typically get reports of locals getting calls like this twice a week.

"They'll go after anybody," said Hammond. "If they sense at all they have a sucker on the line, they'll pursue it."

Depending on the story they feed victims, they could get up to $5,000 out of an account and if you're not prepared, you could fall for it.

"Some people you would never dream are falling for it," said Hammond.

Mainly because everything seems legitimate.

"The way the phone systems work today, very often these are coming from overseas, through numbers that look like they're from here in the United States," said Hammond.

Hammond says no agency ever calls asking for money, and his office won't be threatening you with an arrest if you don't pay either.

"If there's a warrant and we're coming for you, we don't call you ahead of time to tell you," said Hammond. "My advice is don't ever give money, green card, red card, whatever, unless you confirm what you're giving it to."

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