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Crime Stoppers: Still Looking for a Lavante Favors' Killer

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Four years have not lessened one family's pain. They hope enough time has passed, now, for someone to step forward with information, even if it seems to be a small clue. The promise of anonymity and a larger cash reward could help investigators find out who killed Lavante.

"Children these days, violence going on out there," said Carlotta Favors, "they forget they have a mother and a father that they are leaving behind." Her only child had just turned 25 in January of 2011. On February 10th, Lavante was getting ready to celebrate his daughter's birthday when the unthinkable happened.

His Dorris Street duplex in Alton Park was ransacked. On the floor, Lavante Favors was found shot and killed. "It wasn't supposed to be his time. It was supposed to be my time," said Carlotta. "For him to get murdered in his own house; I used to tell him, 'don't go nowhere.' He didn't. They came to him."

Lavante had been in some trouble in the past, but was cleaning up his life, working to become a carpenter, working at being a responsible adult.

How often does Carlotta think of her son and the man he may have grown to be? "Everyday and all day. It's not one day I don't think of 'Vante," she said. "Every time I go by that way, we look over on Dorris Street. We always think of 'Vante. Even his daughter 8-years old, left without a father. It's hard."

"We see his daughter everyday, added Alfie Emerson. We look at her face and see him in her and we think about all the things that his daughter is doing, how smart she is, and how beautiful she's growing up, without a dad. It hurts so bad. She wonders what happened to her father."

So we're looking for information, for clues, large and small. "The person who knows, don't hold your tongue, Emerson pleaded. The person that knows, don't walk away. We need you to step forward, please. It's only right. Please step forward. Don't be afraid. Don't be afraid, at all."

The Favors family is an additional $1,000 reward on top of the up to $1,000 in Crime Stoppers cash available for answers in this case. If you know anything, no matter how minuscule the bit of information may seem, call the hotline. Let detectives see how it fits into the puzzle they have been constructing since February of 2011. Clear your conscience, remain completely anonymous, and become eligible for that cash reward. 

Call Crime Stoppers: 698-3333

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