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Vandals hit local car wash business: 3 police reports in 4 days

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HAMILTON COUNTY, TN (WRCB) - The family business had to file three police reports in the past four days. Several car wash locations were hit by vandals and the owners want answers.

"People leave my stuff alone, don't abuse it, I paid for it," said owner Max Falk, "I don't want to have to clean up your mess."
Falk went to work Sunday only to find graffiti covering his car wash walls and a strange gravel mix dumped in his car wash bays.

The damage forced the car wash to shut down for three days.
It re-opened on Wednesday but far from fixed.

"We've had people pulling in, I'm surprised they even pull in when they see a mess like that," Falk said, "I wouldn't."
Falk owns several self-clean car washes around the Hixson area.
He opened his first in the early 80's.

"It used to be somebody came in, washed their car, wiped it down a little bit and got gone," Falk said, "We didn't get all the side effects."
The Car Wash has been vandalized several times at two different locations within the past week.

The family isn't sure if the incidents are related, and wants to know if other local businesses have been hit.

"I definitely wonder if it's happening.. I mean I know it's definitely got to be happening at other places," said daughter/employee Heather Nelson, "There's no doubt in my mind."

Criminals have stopped at The Car Wash before.
Channel 3 was there in 2011 when thieves were stealing metal grates and again in 2012 when a hit and run knocked down part of their building.

"I'm getting discouraged," said Falk, "But no, I'm not a quitter."
Falk tried surveillance cameras in the past and is thinking about investing in them once more.
He's hoping people will start calling in if they see something suspicious.

"I know people drive by here, this is a busy street," Falk said, "And they surely see when some of this stuff happens."

All of the car wash locations have been added to the watch list by both Red Bank and Chattanooga police departments.

If anyone has information regarding the vandalism, they're asked to call Chattanooga or Red Bank police or The Car Wash at (423) 698 - 1499.

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