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Mayor Berke is keeping his fingers crossed that the barge will move soon

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The sinking barge on the Chattanooga riverfront could be getting a new home soon.

James Traylor says he came to Chattanooga for one thing. "To take a boat ride down the river and we saw that eye sore across the river. It didn't go along with anything else here," said Traylor.

Casey's barge has been considered a stain on the North Shore since it was floated to town in 2009.

"With all of the development that they have, it makes the city look bad with that across the river," said Traylor.

But, once again, there is hope. The Chapter 11 Trustee for River City Resort says they have received a proposal from a Biloxi, Mississippi business owner to purchase the barge and move it.

Mayor Andy Berke says he'll believe it, when he sees it leave.

"We've heard again and again from the lawyers that they're about to get it off. Chattanooga waived the fees to get it off quicker," said Berke.

But time and time again, the barge remains. He agrees that it's an eyesore and says once it's out of the way, it'll make room for more industry and be the first step in making the North Shore more appealing to the eye.

"We've see a tremendous amount of investment in north Chattanooga. If we can keep that momentum going, I think private industry is going to take care of a lot of these problems," said Berke.

No word yet on whether or not the barge will be salvaged or cleaned up.

At this point, all agencies involved are working together to get the sinking barge back to river-level so it can be moved.

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