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Tennessee Stillhouse Grand Opening

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"It's been a short/long three years, is kind how I like to say it," joked Chattanooga Whiskey co-founder Tim Piersant. There were, indeed, many twists and turns on the road to making the corn liquor in its namesake city.

"It took changing a hundred year old law," Piersant explained, "which changed on April 23rd, 2013 and the bill is behind me on the back bar." That was no small feat.

Distilling was prohibited in Hamilton County. Grass roots interest had to be fostered. A super-majority of county commission had to be secured, then a push in Nashville, with a General Assembly and a process that disappointed supporters more than once.

All of that effort has led to a grand opening on the Southside: The Tennessee Stillhouse. There is shopping, production, and tasting, to come. Master Distiller Grant McCracken was plucked from R & D at Samuel Adams.

Piersant calls the opening a big thank you. "We wouldn't be here without local support," he said. "My investors are all local. My partners, you know, We're a small team. I think really, this operation, this team really embodies what Chattanooga's all about and I want Chattanooga to be able to celebrate that."

The grand opening rolls on until 10PM on Tuesday night March 24th. Tickets for the hour-long tour must be purchased in advance and are all SOLD OUT.

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