Eight Brainerd High School students are facing charges after a fight broke out on campus.

The fight prompted a response from more than a dozen officers, Tuesday.

Police said it's still unclear what started the fight. The call came in around 11:20 a.m. Officers with at least three different agencies were on the scene within minutes. Authorities say the quick and heavy response was dispatched after the school's resource officer called over his radio for help.

"The initial call was that there was a fight at Brainerd High School and they were asking for additional units," said Janice Atkinson, Hamilton County Sheriff's Dept. Spokesperson. "Usually there are two SRO's at Brainerd High School, today we had one. There were 8 girls involved in a fight and it was a little bit more than the 1 SRO could take care of."

At least 15 marked cars responded to help the School Resource Officer break up the fight. Spokesperson for the Hamilton County Sheriff's Dept. Janice Atkinson tells Channel 3 anytime an officer in distress calls for backup, all law enforcement officers in the area respond immediately. .

Authorities said the fight started between 2 girls then turned physical when 6 other girls jumped in.

"I think they had to have some assistance with transporting the girls, they were all charged with disorderly conduct and I don't know what actions the school with take," said Atkinson.

Hamilton County Schools lists fighting as a major offense that could result in suspension or possible expulsion.

Atkinson tells Channel 3 every School Resource Officer has training on how to respond to multiple kids fighting in school.

"Every school in Hamilton County has their issues and has had their issues," said Atkinson.

In Hamilton County, Student suspensions county wide decreased from 3,922 to 3,760 from 2013 to 2014. At Brainerd High during the same time period the suspensions increased from 175 to 325. 

School officials say that the increase at Brainerd is due to stricter enforcement of rules by the administrators and teachers.

"Hopefully these students can learn to control their emotions in school and these things won't happen. I'm afraid they just happen," said Atkinson.

There were no injuries reported in the fight. Deputies said all 8 girls were charged with criminal disorderly conduct, which is a misdemeanor.

Eight girls have been charged with disorderly conduct after a fight at Brainerd High School Tuesday, which scrambled Chattanooga police from all over the city to the campus Tuesday morning.

East Ridge police and the Hamilton County Sheriff's Office assisted in the efforts as officials worked to get the disturbance under control.

Channel 3 spotted nearly 15 marked police cars at the school.

Most schools in Hamilton County have a School Resource Officer (SRO) on hand for handling issues like fights.

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