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Butch Jones talks QB's in advance of spring drills

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KNOXVILLE, TN (UTSports)---(On the benefit of having a quarterback starter from day one compared to previous seasons)
"Well there is. First of all the repetitions he's been able to gain and that he will gain with our first-team offense. Our players view him as their leader. And he's really grown. He's grown leaps and bounds from being very vocal, from a leadership. But also setting the standard. There's many a nights where I look out and I'm like `What the heck is going on? The lights are on in the indoor.' And it's Josh and a bag of footballs and nets. And I think Coach DeBord has really helped him in terms of some throwing mechanics that he's been able to point out on video. And then Josh being to do it on his own. But also I think, maybe not the competition battle for number one, but as we all know the competition battle for number two and number three, and then when Sheriron Jones gets here in June. That's going to be a great battle. I think Quinten has done a very, very good job of all the quarterback intangibles. He's worked exceptionally hard. Jauan has done a great job as well, but I think Jauan is a little bit behind in terms of the quarterback intangibles. He's a great athlete, he's very driven, he's very competitive. So I think he'll continue to progress with the amount of repetitions throughout the course of spring."

(On how this winter has been different for Josh Dobbs compared to previous seasons)
"Confidence. Driven. He's experienced some success. He understands what's out there. And I think it's really confidence. And you know, you have to fight complacency. That's a human condition. And I have not seen any complacency with anyone on this football team. And Josh has been driven. He's just got that different look in his eye. And the other thing is, in terms of confidence, he's leading others. He's not setting the example, he's leading them vocally. He's been very demanding. He set up all the offseason throwing on his own. So he's really taken ownership in that position."

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