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Finding Rover: A new app to help find your lost dog

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A new app is using facial recognition technology to keep lost pets out of shelters, and get them back in their homes.

The goal of the "Finding Rover" smartphone app is to make it easier to find missing dogs.

The app includes a notification system that pings your phone if a dog is lost within a 10 mile radius.

Whoever finds a missing dog will be sent contact info to notify the pet owner directly.

John Polimeno, founder, Finding Rover, "You take a picture of your dog. If you ever lose your dog; you report it lost. Anybody that's found your dog and has the app, takes a picture of it; it can instantly match it with our facial recognition. So when somebody finds a match and sees your dog lost, they'll see your phone number, they can call you."

Polimeno says so far they've helped nearly 500 animals find their way back home. The app has been such a success, its now partnering with animal services in Florida.

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