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Residents in Alton Park hit the street for peace

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People who say they're sick of reading headlines about the violence in this city, hit the streets for peace.

Dozens marched through the Alton Park community alongside Chattanooga Police officers, including Chief Fred Fletcher.

Those involved say they want to send a message that there is a police presence on their streets, and that the community needs to work with officers to make change.

Residents we spoke to say this is not a just a problem for one specific neighborhood.

Rosemary Porter, Alton Park resident, "It's not just going on in one part of the city, it's all over, and people need to love one another more and stop the violence and stop killing and find another way and solution to solve problems."

As always, Chattanooga Police urge anyone who may have known something about those 4 shootings over the weekend, to give them a call.

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