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FIRST ON 3: New deal in the works to sell riverfront barge

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UPDATE: Channel 3 has learned more about the sinking barge on the Chattanooga riverfront.

We spoke with Jerrold Farinash, who is the Chapter 11 Trustee for River City Resort Inc.

Farinash says he has has received a proposal from a business owner in Biloxi, Mississippi, to purchase the barge and move it to Biloxi. He’s not sure if the potential buyer plans to salvage the barge or clean it up, but hope to work out the deal soon.  

In the meantime, the barge is slowly sinking.

Farinash says that the barge took on water over the weekend because someone intentionally disconnected a discharge line and placed it in the barge so that the pumps sent water into the barge, instead of out into the river.
He says he is in the process of filing a police report.
It will take a few days to get the barge back up. Farinash trying to determine what equipment is necessary and the funding required.

PREVIOUS STORY: The fire department was called down to the Chattanooga riverfront Monday night.

Casey's river barge is a good extra foot below water. The barge has been sinking for years many hoped it would speed up the process of getting it out of there.

Attorneys are working options with the U.S. bankruptcy court, after plans to sell and remove it failed. 

The fire department says for now, there's not much they can do.

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