A stretch of roadway on Northpoint Boulevard in Hixson does not seem to be getting better. 

Some say the potholes are so bad there, they have to swerve on the embankment to miss them.

After an extensive records search, city officials say they're getting closer to finding out exactly who owns the stretch of roadway. A solution is in the works but it's complicated.

"I think it's a very big hazard," said driver Chris Miller "I think if you hit that, it could do steering wheel damage or you could go into oncoming traffic and hit a car head on."

Miller hit a deep pothole while driving down Northpoint Boulevard with his girlfriend a few weeks ago. The damage to his brand new Honda Civic was estimated to be about $1,600.

"It bent both of the passenger side wheels and messed up both of the tires," said Miller. "I called the city and spoke with several different people who said they are not liable for the road because it's a private drive, they said I was basically out of luck."

The city of Chattanooga owns two sections of Northpoint Boulevard from Hixson Pike to Old Hixson Pike and from Bank of America to Hwy 153. The stretch of roadway in between is privately owned.

"This road has been having issues for a long time and I've been looking into it pretty much since I came into office and couldn't believe the amount of work it's taken just to track down who is actually in ownership and responsible for the road," said Ken Smith, City Council District 3.

An in-depth records search discovered the road maintenance is in fact a deed requirement for any business owner who's property lines the section.

"We sent out I believe 17 letters to 17 different businesses asking them if they're familiar with the deed and what they would be willing to do to fix the road," said Smith,

75 percent of those businesses responded back expressing interest in funding a new stretch of roadway all together but that could take time. For now Public Works officials say they'll fix the potholes causing any driving hazards.

"We're not supposed to go correct these issues but for us it's a public safety issue so we're going to correct it anyway. In the meantime all we can do is file the complaint and the city will try and do what they can," said Smith, "I'm trying to push this forward as fast as I possible can so we don't have any more of these issues."

Even though this section is considered private property, the city has temporarily fixed a few deep potholes that were causing safety concerns. 

For now officials say all drivers should be cautious on this stretch of roadway. If you see a pothole, call 311 to report it.