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Signal Mountain student needs new kidney to attend grad school

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CHATTANOOGA, TN (WRCB) - We all are passionate about something in life. For Jessica Lockhart, her passion is learning. Her favorite subjects are history and religion. She got her Bachelors in religion and history from Wake Forest University. Now she wants to build upon what she has already learned.

"Because I'm interested in research and continuing the research I already started," said Lockhart.

Sometimes reaching our goals is a battle. For Jessica, her battle has been kidney failure. She's been on dialysis for a few years now.

"I'm 22 years old and I am confined to my house because it's like every two hours I have to have this bag hooked to my body," said Lockhart.

It was August of 2013 Jessica was in college when she learned there was a problem with one of her kidneys. She asked about her options. Doctors told her she needed a new kidney. But first she needed to find a match. Family and friends got tested to see if they were a match but no luck. They took to the streets putting up these signs along Signal Mountain urging motorists to give the gift of life, hoping to find her match.

"I'm an A, so I can get a kidney from anyone who is A or O," said Lockhart.

She needs the kidney by the summer. Wake Forest already gave her a full scholarship to their graduate school, but Jessica knows with her being on dialysis it will be impossible for her to attend grad school. Her mother just wants to see her daughter succeed.

"It's hard but I am very proud of her, for everything she has accomplished, but it's hard to watch her day by day," said Celena Lockhart.

Jessica says she is thankful for all of the support, and believes her match is out there somewhere.

To find out if you could be Jessica's match visit  and fill out the online questionnaire.

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