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"Greatest Show on Earth" to phase out elephant acts

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The circus is in town this weekend.  

And while some are planning a family outing to take it all in, others are outside picketing and protesting.

The Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey Circus is here just a few weeks after announcing they'll phase elephants out of the show by the year 2018. The elephants' handlers say they're still well cared for around the clock, as they begin their phase out process. Protesters wonder why it'll take 3 years, and what their "retirement" will look like.

Theresa Sosby, veterinarian technician, "It was a business move, we're moving our elephants back to our elephant conservation, which is in central Florida, it's a 200 acre facility and that's where we do our elephant breeding, we're doing the best we can to save the Asian elephant species."

Beth Foster, protester, "A recent investigation by PETA has revealed that some of these elephants have TB, they're old they're tired, worn out, let's send them to a sanctuary, not a breeding facility, let's let them be elephants."

The circus is in town at the McKenzie Arena through Sunday

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