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Faster than a speeding waffle?

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(NBC News) Waffle House is serving up more than its namesake these days.

A new partnership with the mobile app Roadie allows customers to ship just about anything from the restaurant.

"The goal of roadie is for people to help each other out by giving people's stuff a lift to places they are going anyway," explains Roadie founder and CEO Marc Golin.

Waffle House may seem like an unlikely partner, but they say they're a perfect fit.

"It made a natural partnership with roadie because we do have the locations, well lit locations where people feel safe to meet at all times, that's why its a natural extension for us," says Waffle House Vice President of Culture Pat Warner.

There are more than 1,700 Waffle House restaurants across the United States, open 24 hours a day and usually located close to interstates.

There's also a free drink in it for Roadie drivers, and new "Roadies" are welcomed with a free waffle.

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