A local family has an expensive mess on their hands.

They say their Lumber Liquidators floors are dangerous after a “60 Minutes” report accused the company of selling contaminated laminate flooring from China.

Michael Goins stands alongside Cromwell Road for one reason.

“They really should look into a company before they decide to purchase particularly when your family is going to come into contact with it on a daily basis,” Goins said.

He wants to make sure others know they may want to test their floors.

“To have it be a toxic chemical in my house, it makes you feel really horrible. It makes me feel really bad,” he said.

Goins says he bought 2,000 square feet of engineered flooring from Lumber Liquidators two years ago.

After recently watching a “60 Minutes” report about unsafe levels of formaldehyde, he decided to have his tested.

“I think other flooring made in China that [Lumber Liquidators] has manufactured there quite possibly has the same exact problem. Including mine,” Goins said.

Air test results from “Home Air Check” show cancer-causing formaldehyde levels in his home three-times the safe amount. Channel 3 has not independently verified the test results.

“Your home should be healthy. Your home should not be a dangerous place to be,” Goins said.

Goins has asked for a refund but so far—No answer.

Lumber Liquidators questions the testing methods in the “60 Minutes” report and stands behind its product. The company did create a website to request a free test kit.

“Because when you purchase something from someone you should get what you pay for and it should not hurt you,” Goins added.

The company doesn't agree.

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In a corporate statement it said, "Lumber Liquidators is a leader in safety, as evidenced by our track record of providing our wide range of products to two million satisfied customers across America.


We comply with applicable regulations regarding our products, including California standards for formaldehyde emissions for composite wood products ­ the most stringent rules in the country -- and take our commitment to safety even further by employing compliance personnel around the world and utilizing the latest in cutting-edge technology to provide our customers with top quality and high value flooring.


These attacks are driven by a small group of short-selling investors who are working together for the sole purpose of making money by lowering our stock price.  They are using any means to try and scare our customers with inaccurate allegations.  Their motives and methods are wrong and we will fight these false attacks on all fronts.


As recently as late 2014, testing by independent third parties confirmed that 100 percent of the randomly selected cores used in the laminates from the three factories that 60 Minutes investigated came back as fully safe and compliant with California standards.  While we were unable to witness

60 Minutes¹ testing methods and have still yet to see a test using validated methods that has come back as anything but completely safe, out of an abundance of caution, we are now reviewing our processes at these three mills.


We stand by every single plank of wood and laminate we sell all around the country and will continue to deliver the best product at the best price to our growing base of valued customers."

To request a free test kit, click
or call 800-366-4204.