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Local competitive cheerleading team heads to Los Angeles for national competition

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34 elite teams are hitting the big stage on Saturday for The Champions League competitive cheerleading competition in Los Angeles.

It's an invitation only event for only the best of the best teams in the nation and one of those teams is from right here in Chattanooga.

The Rah! Spirit Heatwaves have spent weeks preparing for one of the biggest competitions to date for their gym.

They say no matter the outcome, they're happy to have the opportunity to go to an event that many others just dream about.

"You can be one of the shyest people ever and then once you get in cheer you can shine and it brings out your inner character," said Alex Carter, Heatwave Team Captain.

These teens are in it to win it.

"It's like the best of the best teams and we have to be on our A-game the whole time," said Carter.

They're headed to L.A. to cheer with the best of the best from all over the country.

"To be from a smaller city and to be able to hang with teams from Atlanta and Miami and Dallas, it's real special for us and the city of Chattanooga," said Andy Quattrochi, Head Coach.

"It was surreal at first because I didn't think we'd ever go to something that big and then when we did. We were very surprised and just wanted to jump right in," said Carter.

But a routine like this doesn't happen overnight.

"The amount of hours we practice doesn't even seem like enough, but there's so much behind the scenes," said Quattrochi.

From choreography, to fine tuning every movement, "These kids they come, they put in the effort, they bust their butts. They learn to deal with the constructive criticism and once we're all on the same page, special things happen," said Quattrochi.

"Our charisma, our characters are going to shine on the floor because we are all different and we have different personalities. When we are all together on one mat, we're just going to shine," said Carter. "Our goal is to be our best. We don't have to place. We just want to go out there and set a personal best record for ourselves."

The team will leave Thursday morning. They hope this trip is just one of many for the future.

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