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Tech Night sparks interest in IT for students

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In five years the gap in the number of jobs versus qualified applicants will be large, as baby boomers move out of the roles and younger generations fill them.

But on Monday local high school students participated in Tech Night at Unum to show them what these jobs are like and help get them interested in all things technical.

"I learned how to program a Lego robot," said Gage Plotner. “I think I was the first person to get it across."

The wheels are turning in these young minds.

"It's an ever evolving field, no matter how much you think you know there is always something more to learn," said Brandon Cross.

For Cross, the fields of computer science and mechanical engineering are calling his name.

"I've just always loved the field of technology. I've grown up from a young age always getting the smart phones, iPods, iPads," said Cross.

That passion is exactly what these volunteers at Unum are looking for.

"It's important for American industry as a whole because we're facing a shortfall of talent in America as baby boomers are retiring we're not having people going into it," said Michael Weiss, Unum.

Tech night is designed to get students interested in technology and for these students, it's working.

"Just the ability to do something new that people haven't done before; the ability to make something easier for people," said Plotner.

"Technology is the way of the future so if you're not up to date and knowing what it's about then you're gonna get lost in the current," said Cross.

This was the largest turn out for Tech night since they started the program seven years ago. They plan to host another one next year.

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