(WRCB) – The team of Alan and Mike Hyde racked up heavy weight on red hot
Lake Chickamauga
to top the field of 93 boats to win this month's CBA bass tournament event. 

Alan and Mike caught a 5 bass limit weighing 30.28 pounds.  This tournament was held Saturday March 14th out of Chester Frost Boat Ramp.

Alan said “when we caught our 4th big fish we knew a win was in sight.”

The team of Matt Gowan and Matt Howell won the Denali big fish of the tournament with a super beautiful large mouth that weighed 11.53 pounds, good for 2 Denali rods and $100.00.

Second big bass of the tournament was a nice 10.53 pound large mouth that was caught by the team of Todd Smith and Tim Smith, good for $100.00.

The top 10 are as follows:

1.  Alan Hyde and Mike Hyde                                   30.28 lbs.         $2,000

2.  Wayne Bice and Garfield Hale                              28.25 lbs.         $950

3.  Jared McMillion and J.B.McMillion                      27.55 lbs.         $800

4.  Don Lamb and Eddie Wilson                                27.44 lbs.         $750

5.  Todd Smith and Tim Smith                                   26.21 lbs.         $650

6.  Galen James and Tony Townsend                         24.85 lbs.         $550

7.  Mike Walker and Alex Walker                              24.59 lbs.         $450

8.  Brent Hayes and David Hix                                  24.05 lbs.         $400

9.  Carter Day and Scotty Gilley                                23.53 lbs.         $350

10. Tyler Bain and Larry Erwin                                  23.34 lbs.         $350

CBA President Shane Frazier said “Special thanks to all our sponsors for making this 2015 tournament trail a great success”

This was the second of 12 CBA events for the 2015 season.

The next C.B.A. day event will be April 12th out of Chester Frost Park.

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