Investigators in Cherokee County, North Carolina are trying to piece together the moments leading up to a deadly shooting in the parking lot of a Murphy business. Deputies were called to the King's Leathercraft store on Highway 64 Saturday afternoon. A worker at the store is accused of shooting and killing a man who parked his car at the business.

The Cherokee County Sheriff's Office says it appears 55-year-old Daniel Hughes, who worked at King's Leathercraft, was angry at 44-year-old Terry Ownbey for parking his wrecked vehicle in the store's parking lot. Things got heated and Ownbey was shot to death.

"He was arrested for second degree murder," says Sheriff Derrick Palmer, speaking of Daniel Hughes.

Up until 3:30 Saturday afternoon, 55-year-old Daniel Hughes was working at King's Leathercraft on Highway 64 in Murphy. He now sits behind bars for the shooting death of 44-year-old Terry Ownbey.

 "There were at least four witnesses there that saw this happen," says Palmer.

Sheriff Palmer says shortly before the shooting happened, Terry Ownbey lost control of his car, possibly because of a blown out tire, and ran his vehicle into a ditch. State Patrol responded.

"Mr. Ownbey was fine. Did not seem intoxicated or anything of that nature. Was nice, polite, and cordial."

Ownbey managed to pull his vehicle into the parking lot of the King's Leathercraft store. Several friends showed up to help. Hughes was not pleased with the growing crowd.

"(He) came outside to ask them to remove their vehicles from the parking area. It went, from his perspective, from what we can gather, it went from no vehicles in the parking area, to now there's four or five vehicles in front of the store," says Palmer.

Investigators say at some point, things got heated.

"He retreated back into the store at that point. But at some point in time the altercation escalated to where there was a verbal altercation in the parking lot and Mr. Hughes produced a firearm," says Palmer.

Hughes admitted to investigators he shot Ownbey.

 "We have no indication at this point that Mr. Ownbey was armed, produced any weapons of any kind. It was basically an argument over a parking spot."

Palmer says it is a tragedy for families of both men.

 "Whether he's guilty or he's innocent that will be determined at a later time by the judicial system. But the family deserves respect. Our hearts and our prayers go out to them also."

Workers at the store did not want to comment on what happened.

Hughes is being held on a $250,000 bond.

The Cherokee County Sheriff's Office is investigating a deadly shooting. Officers were called to the King's Leathercraft and Sportswear store in Murphy at 3:23 Saturday afternoon.

Sheriff Derrick Palmer tells Channel 3 a store employee is accused of shooting a man in the parking lot. He says 55-year-old Daniel Hughes of Murphy is charged with 2nd degree murder for shooting and killing 44-year-old Terry Ownbey of Murphy. 

Palmer says Ownbey had been involved in a car accident and moved his vehicle into the parking lot of the store to wait for a tow truck. Investigators say Hughes confronted Ownbey and told him to move his car. An altercation ensued. Palmer says Hughes then pulled a gun and shot Ownbey.

Hughes was arrested and is being held at the Cherokee County Jail.

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Cherokee County dispatch confirms to Channel 3 the sheriff's office is investigating a shooting at a business in Murphy, North Carolina.

The shooting happened Saturday afternoon at King's Leathercraft and Sportswear off East U.S. Highway 64.

Details are limited at this time. Count on Channel 3 to bring you updates as they become available.