National Park Service staff tell Channel 3 that the sinkhole was discovered last week during the heavy rains. Poor drainage forced the water to seek its own path, eroding the soil and support under the roadway.

The cavity is continuing to grow, and could eventually cause the road to collapse.

A sinkhole has officially closed Little River Canyon National Preserve Backcountry Road 05 is officially closed between Hartline Ford and Road 08.  

The sinkhole collapsed in the middle of the road and the hole is still growing.  

The park has blocked access using barricades and signs.  

Park Officials tell us that It is unsafe to drive over or around this sinkhole; the extra weight could collapse more of the road.  Water is flowing from a spring under the road creating this problem.  

To access the Hartline area use Roads 09 and 05 north.  Use Roads 08 and 07 to access the management area south of Hartline, or come in from the south on Road 05.  We regret any inconveniences this may cause.  

Due to the heavy rains the waters in the river and creeks are moving rapidly.  Attempting to cross the river or creeks at this time may result in injuries, loss to life, damage to vehicles, and criminal charges or financial restitution.

Attempts to cross the river and some creeks during high water have resulted in rescues, property damage and nearly cost several people their lives over the years.   Several vehicles were totaled by attempts to cross the river.  

Acting Park Superintendent Paul Carson and the maintenance staff thanks you for your cooperation and assistance.